Jessica Keesing-Styles - CFMB Hair + Glitter Bar 2023

Jessica Keesing-Styles - CFMB Hair + Glitter Bar 2023

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Glitter Bar and Hair Timeslots 2023

Artist: Julzz Watson and Azrael Spiryt


  Costumiers Fantasy Masquerade Ball / 15th July 2023

Appointment 1 - Look: Selection of Glitter and gems to suit grey and silver butterfly theme

Location: Sudima Market - Artful Addiction Booth 16/17

Time: 11:00am


Appointment 2 - Look: Glittery hair-up as discussed

Location: Millennium Hotel Room /  Artful HQ

Time:  7.45 PM 

Any Desired Fairy Jewel Hair Strands or Add ins can be selected at the market

Please arrive to your appointments on time to ensure smooth service. 

Always available for questions on email or 0274559108

Hotel Room Number for service will be confirmed on check in Friday.