Meet the Team

Artful Addiction is a New Zealand based Creative Business BodyArt and Entertainment Agency- led by Husband and Wife duo Karen Hansen (Daniels) and Tony Daniels.

Karen Hansen (Daniels)

Lead Multi Media Artist, Creative Director, Transformational Mentor, Art Teacher, Author, Podcast Co-Host. Face and Body Art Extraordinaire.

Bachelor Creative Technologies (L7)
NZ Diploma Art and Design (L6)
GradDip. Leadership & Professional Mentoring (L7)
Karen's life has been dedicated to Art, personal development, healing and empowering through creative practice, social research and experiential products, services and events. Check our 5 Star Google Review Rating, to see what real life experiences others have had in their dealings with Karen, and what they think of her Artful leadership.
See her Artist Portfolio here
Tony Daniels
Of Ngati-Wairere descent, Tony's Mana has been built from the ground up through lived experience and dedication to the hard mahi of personal development and transformation. Humble in his Leadership, Tony believes that if he can get through everything he has encountered, and continues to traverse, then you can too.
Tony is the #1 support person, often behind the scenes, at Artful Addiction - he puts hard physical work into every event we attend, provides incredible customer service, long driving and setup/packdown hours, looks out for well-being and  provides invaluable insights. Tony is training as a balloon and face painting artist.