Alex  - CFMB Makeup 2023

Alex - CFMB Makeup 2023

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Makeup Timeslots 2023

Artist: Julzz Watson

1. Creatures of Atlantis / 14th July 2023

Look: Sea Witch with details as discussed with Ocean Gem LipSense and Press-On Manicure

Location: Millennium Hotel Room / Artful HQ 

Time:  4.15 PM


2: Costumiers Fantasy Masquerade Ball / 15th July 2023

Look: Fantasy Renaissance/ Hollywood Medieval with braided hair-up and natural press-on manicure. details as discussed. Lips: LipSense all-night wear.

Location: Millennium Hotel Room /  Artful HQ

Time: 4:00 PM 

Installment Plan as discussed