Body Art of the Month - OCTOBER 2022 - Kintsugi

kintsugi makeup body painting  KINTSUGI - by Artist Karen Hansen (Daniels)

Body Art of the Month  - Kintsugi


Octobers Body Art of the Month, is this beautiful painterly fine art Kintsugi bodypainting by myself (Karen Hansen-Daniels of Artful Addiction) This  represents the Model Stephans journey through Addiction and trauma: healing and repairing himself along the way with gold - wisdom, light, beauty and strength.

 Kintsugi, or the Japanese Art of Golden Joinery, highlights the cracks and perceived imperfections of objects which have been damaged and repaired, as a new valuable feature rather than a flaw. 

 We all have scars. Part of my personal lifelong art quest, lies in deeper understandings of how light spills forth from our wounds. How difficulties, no matter how large or small, are what grow us spiritually - as long as we use them to develop self-awareness and do not run and hide from the experience. 

 Through social and art research alongside personal experience of trauma and  really hard work to get through it (including Vipasana Meditation Practice) - I have come to realise what the Buddhists truly mean when they say Suffering is the human condition. It is not the vision that conjures - of people living and wailing in the darkness of despair - but rather, this beautiful golden glow which is revealed only when we have first been broken.

 To come out of Suffering, is to learn to see things for what they are, the truth of experience, and not the various half understood personal stories we cover them back up with like a filthy bandage which never allows healing. To accept ourselves, with a non-judgemental compassion that cracks us apart further and further into the shining sun-beings we always have been.

 Octobers Model is a great man, and someone I was highly privileged to work with in creating this stunning Kintsugi bodyart.

Stephan Neff is an Author, Tutor, Doctor, Photographer, Wonderful Cook and Podcast Host. He commissioned this look, as marketing material for his book MY STEPS TO SOBRIETY, which is his story of overcoming addiction, and how it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the streets or a doctor who seems to have every opportunity, suffering knows no limitations, but neither does the human ability to rise and shine through the broken places - so others can see a way home.

 Find out more about Stephan Here: 


Here is his wife Lisa Neff's Testimonial about my work with him:

Oh my gosh where to start! Karen @Artful Addiction has such a talent and passion for her work. We had the privilege of working with Karen on a bespoke piece for my husband. Karen listened to his story and what he was wanting to achieve, and recreated it above and beyond our expectations. Using his body as canvas, Karen applied multiple layers in mixed media to create a truly unique piece. We then had an amazing photo shoot which has left us with images we will treasure for a lifetime. If your looking for something simple or complex make Karen @artfuladdiction your first call.”

Products Karen Used:

Mehron Barrier Spray

Clay Base

TAG Soft Grey

Mehron Starblends in Black and Monster Grey

Mehron Metallic Gold Pigment and Mixing Liquid