Beauty Spell - Sacred Rose Toning Spritz  - 100ml.

Beauty Spell - Sacred Rose Toning Spritz - 100ml.

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Made with organic New Zealand Steam Distilled Rose Hydrosol, which still contains its essential oils, this toner spritz is magically refreshing, balancing, and will leave your skin exotically and delicately scented

pure essential oils of Frankincense, Palmarosa and Geranium help soothe and keep your skin healthy and glowing

Directions for use:

After cleansing, hold the spray nozzle at a 20cm distance,  close your eyes, hold your breath, and spritz toner over your entire face. Especially refreshing and delicious in the heat of summer when your skin needs a quick wake-up call!

Couple this selfcare ritual with some mindful breathwork and gratitude.